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Job Creation
I believe I possess the abilities and connections necessary to create jobs in Huerfano County and bring positive contributors to our community. I believe job creation is in demand and that with training and support there will be no lack of skilled and talented workforce in our county.






Affordable Housing
I understand the shortage of housing as well as rental units. I believe that as a County Commissioner I can help bridge the gap between investors, builders, and government entities which would, in turn, increase the number of homes available for sale and for rent in Huerfano County. 



Budget Analysis
I understand, manage, and enjoy budget analysis. I have the ability to recognize areas where funds can be reallocated to allow optimal success while utilizing the funds that already exist within a currently proposed budget. I understand you have to spend money to make money but I also have a deep sense of financial preservation to ensure longevity and sustainability for years to come. 













I have spent my entire life ensuring equality for all and creating checks and balances to allow processes to be both above board and fully transparent. 





Cleanup Initiatives and Citations
I would like you to join me in cleaning up our county!




Youth Programs and Elderly Assistance
As a board member for the La Veta Village, an Early Childhood Development Committee Member, and a spearhead for the recently created Huerfano County Youth Sports League, I am dedicated to both our youth, who are our future and our elderly, who have helped us get to where we are today! I plan to create additional programs while strengthening existing programs for both our youth and our elderly.




Business Retention and Stability
As a CO-Founder of the Spanish Peaks Business Alliance, I understand the importance of supporting and developing businesses of the Spanish Peaks region through networking, education, promotion, and advocacy. 





Sustainable Growth & Economic Development
I believe it is imperative to think of the future of Huerfano County so we can have a long term plan for growth and development. As a member of Southern Colorado Economic Development representing Huerfano County as a Business Owner, I have countless ideas for growth in Huerfano County. I want that growth to be steady and sustainable and not overwhelming to our current residents. 


As you may know, Huerfano County is Spanish for orphan. I am a firm believer that we don’t need to wait for someone else to move here and ‘adopt’ us. We need to utilize the resources available to us and find ways to work together. As we all know, it takes a village, and what a wonderful village we already have here in Huerfano County! 

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